On your special event, we listen to your needs. 

Just sit back and relax, & we will take care of the rest !

Any event is more than welcome in our café, whether for a birthday, celebration, arisan, work meeting, buka puasa bersama, reunion, etc. 

We have opened our new party space which could accommodate up to 30 pax  >> 

In addition to that, our cafe space also available up to 25-30 pax (indoor and terrace).

We have menu for pre-packaged bento and buffet party below. We could also deliver to the event space as a catering vendor only.

Don't hesitate to ask for any special surprise birthday plate, contact us for any arrangements.


Bento 1 - 55/38*

Bento 1 - 55/38* Ayam Pandan, Salad Udang Soun, Buncis Szechuan, Nasi Putih & Juice Kedondong *price for bento only


Bento 2 - 57/ 40* Udang Kari Hijau, Lumpia ala Thailand, Salad Pepaya, Nasi Putih & Thai Tea


Bento 3 - 55/38* Ayam Kemangi, Salad Mangga, Telur Dadar, Nasi Putih & Thai Tea


Bento 4 - 57/40* Sapi lada hitam, Cumi Goreng Tepung, Cah Toge Ikan Asin, Nasi Putih & Juice Kedondong

Party menu

*To allow our preparation, please contact us for buffet party at least 3 days before, and 1 day before for bento delivery. 

* If you have any special arrangement, for any birthday surprise either from us or from outside cake shop, please let us know in advance.

* If anyone in your party requires any special diet for health or religion reason, please let us know.

 *We also have loyalty card program for our customers. Just spend minimum Rp 100.000,- for a point, collect them and receive fun surprises from us !